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Editor and Publisher: Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
Editor and Publisher: Wayne E. Manzo, PhD
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Bush, Sr__4 Years
Clinton___8 Years
Bush, Jr__8 Years?

Fed-Up Yet?
Why "Alien Connected" Presidential Candidates Must Be Banned From The White House
ABC's "UFO Phenomenon - Seeing Is Believing", two months later ABC News anchor Peter Jennings is diagnosed with cancer.
UFO mags 1997 article "Is Someone Killing Our UFO Investigators?" Saga mags 1971 article "Liquidation of the UFO Investigators".
SDI scientists brutally murdered.
Conspiracy and UFO publisher murdered, etc, etc...
"Militant Martians in American Society?" Are we humans being exterminated by militant alien invaders?
I Was A Human Hostage For Three Years In Cincinnati
Aliens Using My Brain To Obtain Sexual Gratification__Is This a Library or a "Cat-House?"
Alien Torture Using "The Alien Knife"__It Cuts Like a Knife But On the Inside!"
Alien Torture__Causing Physiological Diseases__"What Happened To My Kidneys?"
Alien Mind Control And "Thought Sharing"__"Taking Advangtage Of My Brain!"
Alien Mind Control Torture__"Making a Man Piss, Ejaculate, and Deficate in His Pants!"
Alien Telepathy, Communication Via Brain Waves__"Does Ma Bell Know About This?"
Alien Changlings, The Hive, and the KKK(Cone-Heads?)__These People Are Soo Fake!
Is "Zack Snyder's" 2004 remake(?) of George A. Romero's 1970's horror flick really another indication that the "Aliens" are hiving America into a "Caste System" of "low class" Re-Animated Corpse(read: born again)Slaves and "high class" aliens? Wonder where they are getting all those corpses from?
What Did Andy Know?
The Fury('78), Lust for Life('56), and Ulysses('55) are similar, How? Answer: The stories fundamentally expose the existence of an "Alien Race" in human society.
Saturday Night Live boldly exposed the CIA-Klan-Alien "Mind Sharing Sicko Race"__and nobody listened.

Why John Belushi really hated doing those F___ing Killer Bee skits.

If they are not "spreading their knees", they're "Mind Sharing" like Bees!

Why the CIA-Klan-Alien Race is killing human sexuality.
Super Jew Steve Spiel-Borg and Tom "There are two Nicoles" KKKruise teamed up on this 21st century version of H.G. Wells 1898 sci fi story. The "Parmount Films" movie premieres on June 29, 2005 but at this late date of June 2 where are all those Burger King and Mc-Donald's promo soft drink cups and other advertisement gimmicks? Oh, a superbowl ad for the movie. How many "human" super bowl viewers could figure out that the movie is really about the actual invasion of human society by a collective, telepathic, race of savages. Once you allow religion and psychiatry to exist in a human society you are inviting the aliens to enslave and exterminate that society. Humans should never accept or allow any concept that demands blind faith of some unknown super-human power(read:alien) because you can be assured the concept or religion is the hand-maiden of the super-race. And, what can you say about a medical profession that labels humans "clinically insane" if they are not telepathic aliens? The medical profession was developed by the alien savages in order to throw you and me out of society__legally, and without causing a war.

The movie stars Tom Cruise, Miranda Otto, Dakota Fanning, Tim Robbins, Justin Chatwin and was filmed in NAZI-Klan-Alien USA and parts of New Jersey. Cost of production? Insiders say more than 120 million. Real cost of production? About 60 million. Where'd all the money dissapear to? Into the LA hive of course. The movie biz is another alien agency hive racket. The money that is laundered, I mean distributed, via the film industry is truly mind boggling. Movie Revenue as a commodity? Futures?
Image on Package of "Tumblin Tower Game" resembles, well, you know.
Contact US: Exposing the "God Race"
Rev David Icke SAMO Lecture
America the "Oil Junkie"
HTML-Editor Eng-Calculator
Veri - Zion's New "FOO-FONE" Technology
Veri - Zion's New "FOO-FONE" Technology
She Masked the Truth. Clever Alien!
She Masked the Truth. Clever Alien!
Food for Thought
Food for Thought