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This Pig Has Issues!
Investigating the "strange" deaths at
"Martian" Cincinnati Public Library
I Was A Human Hostage For Three Years In "Alien" Cincinnati
Aliens Using My Brain To Obtain Sexual Gratification__Is This a Library or a "Cat-House?"
Alien Torture Using "The Alien Knife"__It Cuts Like a Knife But On the Inside!"
Alien Torture__Causing Physiological Diseases__"What Happened To My Kidneys?"
Alien Mind Control And "Thought Sharing"__"Taking Advangtage Of My Brain!"
Alien Mind Control Torture__"Making a Man Piss, Ejaculate, and Deficate in His Pants!"
Telepathy, Communication Via Brain Waves__"Does Ma Bell Know About This?"
Changlings, The Hive, and the KKK(Cone-Heads?)__These People Are Soo Fake!
What Did Andy Know?
Saturday Night Live boldly exposed the CESS-Alien "Mind Sharing" Sicko Race__and nobody listened.
Why John Belushi really hated doing those F___ing Killer Bee skits.

If they are not "spreading their knees", they're "Mind Sharing" like Bees!

Why the CESS-Alien Race is killing human sexuality.
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Previous Issue of The American Resister: ISSUE_01
Copyright 2003 Wayne E. Manzo