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The American Resister
Article No. RAT04200101wem
Cincinnati, Ohio

A Logical Argument Concerning Evidence and the Existence of a Telepathic Savage Alien Race in American Society.

PREMISE:__ Either They Are Here! _ Or, They Are Not!

Evidence exists proving(supportive) of the theory that an alien race has assimilated into "Human Society" and that the "Alien Race" is using "Alien Technology" in order to control all of the country's resources___including that resource that is often referred to as "Human".

If the aliens are not here then there can be no explanation for the type of evidence that has been accumulated___there is no explanation for the events, occurrences, and cultural artifacts that indicate a "causality or non-coincidental activity. In other words, there is some sort of structure or "system" that is present and is responsible for the tremendous amount of correlated data.

Probability and statistics infers that there is a controlling influence in order for these types of correlations to occur___that is, these events and occurrences are not RANDOM!

Probability and statistics infers that there is a controlling influence in order for these types of correlations to occur___that is, these events and occurrences are not RANDOM!

By stating the non-existence of such a controlling factor or force, we are implying that the fundamental rules of probability and statistics do not hold! So, if we say that there are no ALIENS, then a major branch of proven mathematics becomes invalid. Or, new limitations, limits on the applicability of probability and statistics must be imposed in order to maintain consistency and correctness.

Also, if we state the absence of the ALIEN RACE, psychiatry(also religion?) becomes a reputable branch of scientific medicine. A reputable science where there are hundreds and thousands of humans who believe that their thoughts are being "read", they hear "voices in their heads", and that pain is being inflicted upon them without physical contact____hundreds of thousands of humans are labeled mentally ill and sick. But what if these allegedly sick humans are describing the primary manifestations of the assimilated alien communication and torture(punishment) technology. Then being human is the real sickness!

And the ironic thing about the "Alien System" for throwing out human beings is that the humans are being labeled mentally ill by what may very well be board certified assimilated humans(i.e., aliens). And this my friends is what the "SYSTEM" is all about! Concealment of the existence of the alien race until the human race can either be assimilated(become aliens) or exterminated.
And those who revolt are called RADICALS, FREAKS, or MENTALLY ILL.

Michigan Ave, Chicago

Again, if they are not here then statistics and probability are meaningless, and psychiatry (not to mention religion) becomes a reputable and needed social institution.

Again, if they are not here then statistics and probability are meaningless, and psychiatry (not to mention religion) becomes a reputable and needed social institution.

Stating once again, if the alien race doesn't exist(and many aliens say that it doesn't) then statistics and probability, a branch of mathematical science that has been proven analytically, computationally, and experimentally, loses all credibility___and psychiatry becomes credible as a medical science, mental illness and the idea of a supreme entity becomes acceptable. In effect, all the correlated data is considered merely coincidence.

I suppose many could accept this notion of a supreme entity and coincidental occurrences that seem less than coincidental, but I, as a scientific human being, cannot. Let's continue with the argument but this time lets state that those clever little green people from mars(probably Jupiter) with bulging black eyes have taken human form. They have either stolen human bodies or created their own humanoids in which they become part of. Yes, what I'm saying is that they look like ducks, walk like ducks, talk like ducks, some even make passionate(they fake it) love like ducks, but_____they ain't ducks! So, what are they? They are aliens. And this is one fact that many of the so-called alien conpsiracy books fail to explicitly state. They are here and they look like human beings (unless you look very closely at them).

Since I have brought statistics and probability into the picture___the phrase: "flip side of the coin" is appropriate. Simply stated: aliens exist, they are telepathic humanoids that are using(mis-using) their alien technology in order to control the planet's resources____and a major resource on this planet is man.

The science of statistics and probability are valid and the evidence indicates the controlling effect or non-randomness that the ALIEN RACE has on the events and occurences in society.
The aliens exist and using their technology are controlling what we humans percieve as REALITY! And, they are either invisible, blend in with human society(i.e., they look like you and me) or a combination of both. The latter is the truth!

Additionally, if you accept the fact that these aliens exist and are using alien technology in order to control human beings and conceal their presence, then it is not difficult to extrapolatem that they are "TELEPATHIC", "MIND CONTROLLING/SCANNING", and can "KILL" without it appearing as COLD BLOODED MURDER. A very sneaky ALIEN RACE, to say the least!

So, we humans are confronted with clever aliens that have assimilated into human society and have advanced technology necessary to PLAY GOD with human beings___and THEY ARE PLAYING GOD! And this is the primary reason for the secrecy concerning their presence. They are cold blooded killers, predators, of mankind. Its part of their culture, part of their RACE, it is their being. They kill humans! On the flip side, if they came in peace and were supportive of the human race and humanity, their existence would not be a secret and massive amounts of public documentation
would be available about their
existence and technology.


The Gods of Eden

By: William Bramley
Dahlin Family Press, 1989

Avon Books 1993

And although they have assimilated into society there are two different and distinct, seperate worlds___that of the "Alien Telepathic Savages", and that of the "Civilized Human Beings".

As a scientist my world starts to make sense when the rules of probability and statistics apply and when they don't then I know that there must be an element to the equation or formulation that is not properly representing or modelling "REALITY" or, if I may, the "System". That missing element, variable, or part of the equation is the "Savage Telepathic Alien Race".

The evidence that my investigative news magazine "America's Line: The Truth is Here!" concerning "Alien Interventions" and the existence of a "Collective Telepathic Alien Race" is sufficient and necessary. The evidence provided is not a result of coincidence, chance, or throw of the dice___but the result of premeditated sequence of events and occurences. Such occurences are not random and were the direct result of the use of extremely high technology.



The Threat

By: David M. Jacobs. PHD

Simon and Schuster 1998

That technology is NOTE(Not of this EARTH) and is considered, categorized, and labelled as ALIEN.

The alien race controls all information and dissemination of information in the human world. They also control what humans think and how they behave. Because of this fact the human race is non other than slaves of the "Alien Race". They have no free will or thought and are probably thought of as toys.


Aliens In America

By: Jode Dean, PHD

Cornell University Press 1998

So, when will the human beings of this world obtain their freedom? When information about the alien race and its agenda is publicly available to the public.

The truth shall set Humans free and put the Religion and Psych people("Aliens"?) out of work!

Movie "The Visitor" Location
Wayne Manzo 1999, Chicago IL
All Rights Reserved, Wayne Manzo, 4-2001

Wayne Manzo was an engineering intern graduate student working at NASA-Lewis(U.S. Army Civilian AeroSpace Engineer), Cleveland, when he was framed, fired, then attacked by the Psycho Savage Alien Race. He was fired back in 1988 and has been existing as a prisoner on the streets of America's major cities since 1993!

He has been illegally incarcerated and chemically experimented on and is tortured on a daily basis by the Psycho Alien Race. His only crime or wrongdoing is that he is 100% human and 100% American. Those of the Psycho Alien Race are neither.

All of his websites, email, and voice mail have been censored by the ALIEN RACE and his situation is considered an ABDUCTION since he is continously surrounded by ALIENS and he cannot contact other human beings for assistance.
He is currently existing on the streets of Cincinnati where the SAVAGE ALIENS continue to physically and psychological torture him. Turning a very negative into a positive, Wayne has begun researching the SAVAGE ALIENS and plans on producing a documentary cable series on the RACE and its Agenda.

Because of his continued isolation by his alien captives in their "ALIEN HIVE CITIES", Wayne requests international publicity and funding.

CONTACT Wayne Manzo
PUBLISHER "America's Line: The Truth is Here!" (
"America's Line: The Truth is Here!" (
TELE 513-766-2003 ext 1110(voice, fax_prefer)

Note, E-Comm is being censored by the "Alien Agency" so if you don't receive a response it means "Big Brother" intercepted your message. In that case try and meet me vis-a-vis or send a representative

wem 04222001, Cincinnati, OH

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